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Exclusive design for Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco of Descendance.

The reptilian serpent has been an archetype for countless tribes, societies and civilizations since time immemorial. The Rainbow Serpent or Rainbow Snake is a revered deity, often a god in the mythology of the Aboriginal people of Australia. The serpent is identified with the rainbow and is responsible for immense and powerful cosmic movements. When the rainbow is seen in the sky, it is said to be the Rainbow Serpent moving from one waterhole to another. Within Aboriginal traditions it is viewed as a giver of life through its association with water.

Other physical and transformational qualities of serpents, such as shedding of skin and regeneration, add to the awe in which they are regarded. Due to their cosmological and physical importance in many cultures, they have often carried a significant presence in star stories, and are known as the oldest healers.


You are the Bomb
The Leggings are the Shell

Made to Perform

4-Way Stretch

Totally Opaque

SPF 50+

Moisture Wicking


bluesign® Certified

We traveled the world and the seven seas in search of a material we could wear on the run or on the runway. In Italy, we found Fabric Fatale.

A 4-way stretch polyester/spandex blend, this fabric conforms to your body in every direction. It moves when you move, like a second skin. Durable and breathable, it’s perfect for the dance floor, the yoga mat, the studio or the streets. It’s like being naked. But better.

Made in Italy

Quick dry moisture-wicking

SPF 50+

bluesign certified for low environmental impact

Built for Action. Designed for Fashion.

Changing the Way Clothes are Made

Sweatshop Free

Made to Order

Made in the USA

Size Inclusive

We manufacture on demand, which means you get your order faster and we produce less waste. By cutting out the warehouses and sweatshops, we’ve created a smaller and more efficient factory that you can feel good about supporting.

Artists Get Paid

Our designs come from artists all over the world! When you buy this design, you are bringing an artist’s vision to life and putting money in their pocket.

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