Private Label Manufacturing


Our public application is closed for the time being, but we hope you’ll keep us in mind for your manufacturing needs in the future!

Why Bombsheller?

When we created Bombsheller, we set out to do things better. We’re always learning and exploring new ways to achieve this, and our efforts have been incredibly successful for us so far. If you have your own brand and would like an easy way to make premium graphic leggings - we want to talk to you.

Private Label manufacturing is a core part of our mission. We want to reach as many people as we can with extraordinary products that are made better, perform better and give people a new relationship with their clothes. We need good partners who can take all this to new communities of people beyond our own reach.

The Deal

  • Manufactured in Seattle, WA.
  • We start making them as soon as you order them, and ship them straight to you!
  • No minimum order quantity!
  • Sizes XS to 6X, with no price variation.
  • No setup fee. No upfront cost to you.
  • Your customers can only buy your designs through you - never from our catalog.

The Product

All of our leggings are made from Fabric Fatale, a high-quality, Bluesign certified fabric. Learn more about this badass material and our production process.

Designing For Private Label

Once your application is approved, you can start building your collection by importing or creating your designs in our Adobe Illustrator template. We prominently feature your brand’s name or logo on the inner waistband, with a small “Manufactured by Bombsheller” (required by law) underneath.

The Design Process:

  1. Import your assets into the template via Adobe Illustrator.
  2. Arrange the layout to your liking.
  3. Preview your design in Artemix. Adjust design in Illustrator as needed.
  4. Quadruple check your design[s] against the Design Guidelines.
  5. Pick a name for your design[s] using our hashtag format (#ExampleName)
  6. Submit your design[s]. We can accept up to six (6) designs for new labels looking to launch a full line.
  7. Send us your logo; a vector image that can be printed on a black background is ideal.

Tools You’ll Need:

  • A cloud storage service, like Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Adobe Illustrator (CS2 and up)

Tools We Provide:

The latest Bombsheller Adobe Illustrator templates:

Preview your designs: 

  • Artemix -  a 3D rendering tool to test your designs on the human body

If you need assistance with your designs, we’re always happy to answer questions, and we’ll also provide a number of useful articles as well. We also make sure to review every design to make sure that the end product is exactly what you want, and that it looks great at every size.


What price should I sell at?

We compete with premium brands like Lululemon and Nike that sell leggings for $90 to $120.  We recommend that you retail in that range.

Do you provide any product or price tags?

No, we ship to you without tags.

Will my brand name be on the product?

Yes!  You can incorporate your own brand name and logo into the design anywhere you like.  Our printing covers 100% of the outside of the leggings.  We will also put your name or logo on our signature black inner waistband along with the name of the design, care instructions and the Bombsheller imprint.

Will you make other products? Can you do cropped leggings?

It’s possible that we may make other types of clothing down the road, but at this time we’re sticking to what we do best-- full-length, badass leggings.

What are your production times?

We allot for 15-20 pairs of leggings per day for wholesale needs. Please note that this is an estimation that includes other wholesale brands and is not a guarantee. If you need a large order by a deadline, please email us for current production times and so that we can plan accordingly to meet your needs.

What are my shipping options?

We only ship to you via FedEx.  This is important to provide high quality service.  When you place an order on our website, you will see a number of shipping options. You are responsible for paying shipping charges. To keep costs low, allow a few extra days and choose FedEx Ground service.

 Can you drop ship to my customers?

Not yet, but we’re working on it! We’re currently beta testing our dropship program and making sure it’s perfect before we open the option to all labels.