Private Label Manufacturing

You have felt the pain of minimum order quantities, guessing about size & color & volumes, quality problems, setup charges, long lead times, and the sinking feeling of not really knowing where your product is made.

For small brands who want to sell their own apparel, this can be a devastating amount of risk. Bombsheller solves all of these problems so you can sell leggings with no up front cost.

When you're ready, sign our legal agreement to apply.

Why Bombsheller?

When we created Bombsheller, we set out to make everything better. We know we have a long way to go, but our efforts have been incredibly successful so far. We want you to know the reasons why working with us will be nothing like your experience with traditional manufacturers.

If you have your own brand and would like an easy way to make premium graphic leggings - we want to talk to you.

Private Label manufacturing is a core part of our mission. We want to reach as many people as we can with extraordinary products that are made better, perform better and give people a new relationship with their clothes.  We need good partners who can take all this to new communities of people beyond our own reach.

The Deal

We manufacture every pair of leggings at our factory in Seattle. As soon as you place an order, we print, cut & sew your leggings - then we ship them out the next day! There is no minimum order quantity! You can order a single unit if you like and get the same price.  We offer discounts based on your total volume ordered, not just a single order. You get the same price for every size XS to 6XL. There is no setup fee and no up front cost to you.

The Product

We only make one thing - high performance premium graphic leggings. We set out to attain photo quality prints with great color, sharp lines and beautiful, clean gradients. Leggings go everywhere from yoga to the gym to happy hour and out dancing, so we tested fabric from all over the world until we found Fabric Fatale™ in Italy: 20% spandex, super opaque, quick dry moisture-wicking, SPF 50+, optimized for activewear and perfect prints. Everyone who tries them on falls in love with with how unique they feel. Our fabric is also Bluesign certified - meeting the highest European standards for environmentally sound manufacturing. Best of all, every single pair of leggings is made by us at our own factory here in Seattle.

Get Started Now

We provide all the tools you need to create your own designs for your brand. Use our Adobe Illustrator template and then test it out in Artemix - our 3D preview tool. Submit using the Private Design Submission form

Apply for Private Label status. 


What price should I sell at?

We compete with premium brands like Lululemon and Nike that sell leggings for $90 to $120.  We recommend that you retail in that range.

Will my brand name be on the product?

Yes!  You can incorporate your own brand name and logo into the design anywhere you like.  Our printing covers 100% of the outside of the leggings.  We will also put your name or logo on our signature black inner waistband along with the name of the design, care instructions and the Bombsheller imprint.

Will you make tees? Tank Tops? Booty Shorts? Bodysuits?

We will someday, when we're ready.  Please feel free to let us know what you'd like the most, but it will be a while before we can dedicate ourselves to other products.

What are my shipping options?

We only ship to you via FedEx.  This is important to provide high quality service.  When you place an order on our website, you will see a number of shipping options. You are responsible for paying shipping charges. To keep costs low, allow a few extra days and choose FedEx Ground service.

Do you provide any product or price tags?

No, we ship to you without tags.

Can you drop ship to my customers?

Not yet, but we are working to offer this option soon.

Can I use the product images you create on my own site?

Absolutely, we provide high resolution renderings of your leggings design, even before they have been made. You are welcome to use these in your own promotions.