Our Fabric

When we first started Bombsheller, we traveled the world in search of a material we could wear on the run or on the runway. It needed to be comfortable, durable, fashionable, and ethically sourced.
In Italy, we found Fabric Fatale.


Fabric Fatale is an 80/20 polyester/spandex (elastane) blend that really will take you anywhere. Whether you’re in the gym, on a mountaintop, on the runway, or just lounging on your couch to marathon your favorite show, the material moves with you like a second skin; it's a lot like being naked, but better. Naked doesn’t offer SPF 50+ without investing in a lot of sunscreen first.

Bluesign® Certified

Fabric Fatale is a bluesign® certified material. The system follows five core principles for production: resource productivity, consumer safety, water emission, air emission, and occupational health and safety. It also defines concrete criteria for ingredients, manufacturing processes, and finished products to ensure peak sustainability. In short, it’s certified better for the planet, and better for the people on it.

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4-Way Stretch
4-Way Stretch
Moisture Wicking
Moisture Wicking
SPF 50+
SPF 50+
bluesign® Certified
bluesign® Certified

Our Leggings

We specialize in full-length leggings with crisp, sublimation printed patterns designed by you. Whether your aim is fashion, fitness, or both, our template and 360 viewing tool (Artemix) make it easy for you to design for the human body. Not having an order minimum and the ability to print on demand makes our leggings a great addition to your shop, fitness studio store, or online merch shop!

Classic and Wide Waistbands

We currently offer two styles of our luxe, full-length leggings. Our classic waistband uses a 1" elastic, while our wide waistband features 3" wide elastic. Additional rows of stitching on our wide waistband provides extra structural support, while the added elastic coverage provides more shaping and compression at the waist.

Both our classic and wide waistband leggings feature the same rise, the same fit throughout the leg, and are made from the same materials; Fabric Fatale, natural rubber elastic waistbands, and wooly thread.

Sizes XS - 6X

The human body doesn't just scale up equally and neither should clothes. We spent many months beta testing prototypes at fitting parties with humans of all shapes and sizes, and we're proud to say that we are able to offer 10 sizes in both of our waistband styles. The best part? We don't subscribe to the "fat tax." Every size is the same price per style, and printing on demand plus drop shipping means not having to guess what sizes to stock for your online shop.

Our Process

TrapperKeeper fabric

Step 1: Design

You create the designs! After adapting your art to our template, you can 3D render your designs in Artemix, a tool we’ve specially made to help you create the most flattering shapes possible once they’re on the body. If your artist teams up with a designer to adapt the art to the human form, we make sure to credit both the artist and the designer in the waistband.

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TrapperKeeper coming off the heat press

Step 2: Print

We use dye sublimation to get crisp, vibrant prints that won't bleed or fade. When you place an order, your design are printed onto paper first before being heat pressed onto the surface of our fabric. During this process, the ink goes from being a solid to a gas, then back to a solid again without ever passing through the liquid stage. Not only is the science behind this incredibly cool, but unlike traditional fabric dying, this process is incredibly fast and doesn’t dump tons of ink into our oceans.

TrapperKeeper being sewn at an industrial machine.

Step 3: Assemble

Mass production for big box stores often means cutting huge stacks of fabric all at once, which results in inconsistent sizing. Our talented sewists carefully cut each leg one at a time with nifty electric scissors (no carpal tunnel here!) to ensure accurate sizing before carefully stitching the pieces together. Once they’re ready to go, they’re lovingly sealed up with care instructions and our shipping department sends them on their way!

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