Micro Wholesale

Bombsheller now offers select small businesses, organizations and artists wholesale pricing.

We are thrilled to be pioneering micro wholesale and its many advantages over traditional reseller arrangements.

There is no minimum order! This makes it easy to try out a few designs at a time.  Feel free to place as many small orders as you like.  Put a few designs & sizes on the rack and reorder those that sell the fastest!

You don't have to wait months to get new product.  When you need to restock, just place an order for exactly what you want - we will manufacture to order at our Seattle Factory and ship it out within two days.

All orders are placed on the Bombsheller website, using your Wholesale Partner Account.   We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express to pay for orders in advance.

Additional Info

We do not offer retail packaging.

All resale items ship with price and product information tags.

Bombsheller does not support discount retail.  We limit the discounts we provide and expect our wholesale partners to do the same.   Partners who routinely sell at a discount greater than 10% will lose their wholesale privileges.  This keeps you from competing with discount retailers.

We offer a variety of shipping options via USPS & FedEx.  Shipping costs are paid by the wholesale partner.

Apply to be a Wholesale Partner

To apply for Wholesale status, please sign our Wholesale Agreement.

Feel free to email us questions: