Frequently Asked Questions

How much does shipping cost?

We offer free First Class USPS shipping and paid Priority or FedEx options within the United States. All international orders are shipped via FedEx. Rates depend on individual countries' customs and fees. We'll email you your tracking number when your order is shipped.

Why is international shipping so expensive?

Much to our dismay, we do not control shipping prices. All international shipments are handled by FedEx, and they are responsible for setting the rates. It's hard to say what the cost will be since rates fluctuate every day and each country has its own customs and import fees. If you want to find out what shipping will cost, you can add an item to your cart and enter your shipping address before you confirm your order.

What payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Save your cash for the black market.

How do I know if I chose the right size?

Ordering things online can be scary! Don’t worry. Check our sizing chart to find your best possible fit. We measured about a hundred people, asked them what size fit them best, and mapped their measurements to their size preference -- the most scientifically data-driven way we could come up with to create a size guide. If you order the wrong size, we'll happily exchange your leggings for the right one!

I want to return my order. What's the process?

Returning or exchanging leggings is no problem. Send us an email at within 365 days of your original purchase. Please include the order number, design name, size of the item, and reason for the return. We accept returns of unworn leggings that have a manufacturing defect or are not what you ordered. We have no inventory because every item is made on demand, so if you want to make an exchange for a different size of the same design, we will issue you store credit to place a new order. 

Why are the leggings different prices?

We believe that artists know the value of their work and should have the freedom to set their own royalty rate. We add this royalty to our set production cost to determine the retail price. When you buy leggings, the royalty goes directly to the artist who designed them.

Are they all made from the same fabric?

Yes, all of our leggings are printed with the same process on our luscious, Italian spandex blend, Fabric Fatale.

Do you make capris?

Maybe someday! But right now we're focusing on making the best leggings humanly possible. We believe it's better to do one thing really well before branching out into multiple products.

What about solid color leggings, or shorts, or tops, or --

See above.

Do you have retail stores?

Not right now. That might change in the future, but for now we like living in the internet. It’s spacious.

Do you offer Extended Sizes?

We offer sizes XS through 6XL, however extended sizes are not available in all designs. We're working on getting more designs in more sizes. Here's an update  that explains why this process is so dang complicated for us. Sign up for our plus size mailing list if you'd like to stay updated!

Why aren't Extended Sizes available in all designs?

As our leggings scale up in size, it changes where designs are cut off at the ankle. This means that if a design has a lot of ankle detail in XS, that detail will be lost bit by bit as the size goes up. Most of the time, this doesn't drastically affect how the design looks. But sometimes, this can eliminate so much of the artwork that the leggings change completely from XS to 4XL. We are working with artists to adapt more designs to the extended sizes template, but it will take some time. To stay updated on our work to expand our size range, please sign up for our plus size mailing list.

Can men wear these leggings?

YES. Absolutely yes. There are men wearing our leggings out in the wild right now.One tip for the dudes, when you're using our sizing chart, just use your waist measurement. No need to measure your hips! You can rest assured that our leggings will accommodate your manly accessories.

Can I submit a design that won't go in the catalog? I just want this for myself.

It makes a lot of sense for us to handle this particular request, and we want to! Right now we don't have a system in place for it though, so you should keep us on your radar if that's what you want. For now, we're focusing on designs available to everyone.

I have my own brand and want you to manufacture leggings for me. Can you do that?

Maybe! Email for more information about our microwholesale deal for brands.

I have a question that you didn't answer here.

Ooo, a challenge! We love challenges! Email with all creative customer questions.