Bombsheller Original Panel at Emerald City Comic Con!

Your art Instagram is going well, but now your fans want merch and you’re not sure where to start. Which designs work best on a shirt, pin, or bag? Where do you find a manufacturer? Is it possible for small creators to manufacture ethically? How the heck does shipping work? Join this motley crew of experienced merch-slingers and artists to talk ethical clothing manufacturing, shipping, product development, and what they’ve learned firsthand through trial and error - so you don’t have to!


Allison Cimino's portrait

Allison Cimino

CEO/Designer of RockLove, fuses her love of history, video games, fantasy, and sci-fi with her training as a silversmith to develop RockLove's signature Licensed Jewelry collections.

As a die-hard fan herself, Allison collaborates with beloved franchises to create sophisticated, clever merchandise that allows men & women of all ages to celebrate their favorite fandoms. Currently lines include Disney X RockLove, Marvel X RockLove and coming soon, an exclusive Star Wars X RockLove collection.

Twitter: @RockLoveJewelry
Instagram: @RockLoveJewelry

Andrea Demonakos's portrait

Andrea Demonakos

is the owner of White Squirrel, the company she created to help artists sell their work online. She has worked with 30+ artists, makers, and publishers, taking over the management of their online stores, packing and shipping orders for their customers, and fulfillment for their crowdsourcing campaigns.

Before White Squirrel, Andrea worked on major comic festivals and conventions, including ECCC, VanCAF, NYCC, and C2E2.

Twitter: @AndreaDemonakos
White Squirrel's Twitter: @WhiteSquirrelCo

Jazzlyn Stone's portrait

Jazzlyn Stone

is the badass COO of Bombsheller, a print-on-demand clothing company from the future. Jazzlyn started as an intern when Bombsheller launched in 2013 and worked her ass off to become their first COO in just four years. She’s also an experienced photographer and an avid gamer. She has strong opinions on product photography and Donkey Kong Country.

Twitter: @JazzlynStone
Instagram: @JazzlynStone

Jen Bartel's portrait

Jen Bartel

is an illustrator and comic artist who is best known for her ongoing cover work for clients like Marvel, DC/Vertigo, and Dark Horse. She is the co-creator and artist of “BLACKBIRD”, from Image Comics. Jen currently has her own Bombsheller collection, Sirens in Space!

Jen’s Art:
Twitter: @HeyJenBartel
Instagram: @HeyJenBartel

Lauren Sankovitch's portrait

Lauren Sankovitch

loves reading comics. She also edits them. With gusto. Formerly of Marvel Comics, Lauren went full Hollywood and developed the next big TV thing in LA until the siren song of the Pacific Northwest lured her away. She now wrangles Milkfed Criminal Masterminds as managing editor. Lauren enjoys rock climbing, mountaineering, volcanoes, Oreo cookies and is an inveterate space junkie.

Twitter: @PancakeLady


Wendy Buske's portrait

Wendy Buske

is the co-founder, producer, and PR Director of the Nerd For a Living and Fictitious podcasts. On top of being a contributing writer to the site and occasional co-host, she’s also a producer at an award-winning advertising agency and a seasoned convention panelist and moderator.

Twitter: @WendyBuske
Instagram: @WendyBuske